I'm a lifestyle and documentary photographer who focuses on wedding, family and birth photography based in Jersey, Channel Islands.

There is no greater honour than being allowed into some of the most intimate and important parts of a persons life and creating memories for them to cherish. Whether that's documenting the excitement of a wedding morning or capturing a mother bringing a baby into the world.

Wedding photography

I specialise in documentary wedding photography in Jersey. I enjoy photographing the whole day as it happens but get really excited about the couple portraits and capturing your love in an organic way (no cheese here). I love wedding details and photographing lots of special connections throughout the day. I honestly believe I have one of the best jobs in the world as I get to create and help people relive awesome memories. I’ve also got to say, I’m getting pretty good at fixing bridal hair during the couple shoot too!

But when it comes to weddings I'm not on my own...

Dean is my partner in life and love and also photographs weddings with me. He has a keen eye for interesting angles, is up for a laugh and always seems to beat me to the best bouquet shot. He’ll join me at bigger weddings to cover another angle of the day or for when you want to have both partners covered in the morning before the ceremony. The great thing about having two photographers is that we can have all aspects of the day covered.

We regularly shoot weddings in Jersey but also travel and we absolutely adore adventurous, outdoorsy, unconventional weddings.

Family and birth photography

I love documenting the important things in life - family, friends and love. And I especially love finding the beauty in the everyday mundane. Capturing those special moments for your family are so important to me and I feel so lucky that people are prepared to invite me into their lives to take images for them to treasure forever.

Our promise to you

If you've got this far on our website it's probably because photography is important to you. Because you know it will be there for you forever. You'll have them to look back at when your children are flying the nest, when you have had a barney with your partner and you want to be reminded of why you fell in love in the first place (we've all been there) and when you're missing loved ones and the last time you really laughed together was at your wedding.

Exclusivity and bookings

We limit the number of weddings and family shoots we do per year because we have a young family and finding the perfect balance for us and our clients is key.

Dates fill up quickly (especially in the summer) so please enquire for details.

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