HEY! We are Sophie and Dean aka the Darwin's

Jersey Wedding and Family Photographers

Here's our story...

We met at secondary school when we were 11 but it wasn't until we went to a school reunion many moons later that the magic happened! Fast forward six years and we now have have two gorgeous kids and an angry cat called Bella. We live in the beautiful Island of Jersey and wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

When Dean and I got hitched all we wanted to do was run away and get married in the woods (remember the final scene from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves? That was the dream... OK that was my dream). But we did run away to the Scottish Highlands. Just us, the kids and Deans mum as a witness. We shared our vows on at the fork of a river under a caledonian spruce. Then when we got home we had a mega party with our friends and family, ate pizza and drank way too much wine.

It was perfect and it was ours!

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