Authentic | Honest | Heartfelt Photography

Capturing beautiful wedding memories in Jersey and beyond

We're so lucky to get to work with awesome couples that are drawn to our style because we're like minded people. For us it's all about capturing emotions, atmosphere and personalities in a laid back and organic way.

We love to capture everything in the moment. We shoot the majority of the day documentary style and then for the couple portrait session we keep this just really relaxed. No awkward posing on our watch! The only time we get our bossy boots on is for the group shots and that's because we want to get them over as quickly as possible, we wouldn't want to keep you from your guests (and drinks) for long.

We love shooting weddings together and can't imagine doing anything else. Besides it's basically our date night! We love capturing authentic beautiful images and get totally get caught up in the emotions of the day. And the coolest thing about weddings is by the end of the night we leave with a bunch of new friends.

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