Happy, honest, heartfelt.

They're the three words I'd choose when I think about how we shoot weddings. We're so lucky to get to work with awesome couples that are drawn to our style because we're like minded people. For us it's all about capturing emotions, atmosphere and personalities in a laid back and approachable way.

Ever since we became wedding photographers, we knew we didn’t want to be photographing like the more traditional weddings of the past. What separates ‘traditional‘ from ‘documentary‘ is how much your photographer will intervene on the day. In the past, photographers were rarely shooting candidly and often dominated the proceedings. You won't be getting that from us.

Your wedding day is going to be magical, emotional, unique and unforgettable and we want to capture your story exactly as it is. And then we want to give it back to you so you can watch back, over and over again and again.

As we're a couple with a young family we limit the number of weddings and family shoots we do per year because finding the perfect balance for us and our clients is key.

Dates fill up quickly (especially in the summer) so please enquire for details.

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