I always liked family sessions but since I became a mum I really really LOVE them

Family sessions

I want your family session to be unique to you. I can capture an hour of your life just doing whatever you guys love to do, whether that's snuggling on the sofa, playing in the waves or going on a bear hunt in the woods.

Day in the Life sessions

I also do Day in the Life sessions. These sessions really let me loose on capturing YOUR everyday. The stuff that we probably wish was tidier or prettier but stuff that I know we'll look back on and want to rewind to. These every day moments, often over looked as ordinary, are the most precious to me. Little arms around our necks, dirty feet after making mud-pies in the garden and stories before bedtime. Those are the memories we'll miss the most as parents and it's a privilege to capture them for you, so you and your children can cherish them for years to come.

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