Winter Wedding in St Brelade Jersey

Jan 23, 2020

Do you want to know what I loved most about this beautiful Jersey winter wedding?

They threw the book of wedding traditions in the bin and did it THEIR way. Instead only keeping the traditions that would give them absolute JOY!

Katie wore a gold velvet dress from Reiss and they shared their vows in the quaint Fisherman's Chapel in St Brelade, Jersey, with only their closest family members around them. Then after, what can only be described as a confetti hammering, they went off in a baby blue camper van which they drove themselves to Longueville Manor where their family were waiting for them for lunch. At Longueville Manor they ate from the menu's in a private room which was beautifully decorated by Mark Howe Flowers. The whole afternoon was intimate, romantic and most importantly for them fuss and stress free.

But they knew that their pals wouldn't want to miss out on a party so they ended their perfect day at La Bastille where all their favourite people were eagerly awaiting them. Seeing Katie and JC's mates wrapping their arms around them and loving them hard brought a proper lump to my throat. There was so much love in the room for these two. They did it all so right because they didn't follow any conventions they didn't truly believe in.

So a little word of advice to my couples this year... don't be afraid to make your own choices. It's your wedding so do it your way!

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Sophie Darwin Photography photographed this wedding in St Brelades Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands. The wedding party had their wedding lunch at the Longueville Manor in Jersey and they ended their wedding party in St Helier Jersey.

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