Oh mama!

Mar 15, 2019

I've been on a mission the past couple of years to get mama's in front of the camera.

I hear it too often that mum's get the rough end of the deal when it comes to getting in front of the camera with their kids. If your phone feed is anything like mine was there's thousands of the kids and quite a few of dad. But the photos of me were mostly dodgy selfies and they're never going to end up on 'The Wall'. So I've been on a mission the past couple of years to get mama's in front of the camera.

We seem to either chose to be the one behind the camera due to low self confidence and poor body image, or we’re never”camera ready” without our make up and fancy clothes. What ever the reason, it’s time to make a change!

We, as mums, are an important part of our families, and therefore a huge part of our children's memories, so let’s make sure there some evidence of it. It doesn’t matter whether you have enough make up on, what you’re wearing or what size or shape your body is because your kids couldn't give a monkey's. I’m pretty sure that my little ones are just going to want to remember our lives together, the love we shared and the fun we had!

So with that in mind, let me capture your family, let's get you in the frame, no studios, no selfies, no staging, just you guys simply being you - cuddles, kisses and chaos! These are the photos that capture the moments and memories that I want you and your brood to cherish always.

With Mothers Day around the corner these sessions make the perfect gift voucher and will give you and your family memories to cherish forever.

Take a look at some of my favourite mummy moments (including some of my own) in the slideshow below.

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