Empowered Women, Empower Women

Jul 23, 2020

"Collaboration and cooperation will beat competition every time.
Think abundantly.
Speak authentically.
You have enough.
You are enough."

A beautiful evening spent with wine, camera's and encouragement with fellow photographers Stephanie (White Saige Photography) and Melissa Rodrigues. We put our anxieties to one side (wine helps with that), got in front of the camera and got creative as the sun set on a quiet Jersey bay. By the end we were owning those power poses and soaking wet!

Why might you ask?

I drove away that evening with a full heart and a huge smile (and not just because I was only wearing my undies) but it didn't matter if every photo I took was rubbish because it was just for fun. No pressure at all. What mattered was that we cheered each other on, encouraged and supported each other and I couldn't be more grateful for the experience or the friendship.

Collaboration over Competition every damn day.

Take a look below at my favourites images from from the evening and the link to Mel and Steph's sites too. These girls are so talented and so incredibly gorgeous. Here's to more evenings drinking wine and taking pics for no other reason than because it just felt good!

Take a look at Stephanie's and Melissa's images from the evening too and go give them some love. x

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